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We are an Online Small Business Resource Center that provides training, guidance, and support services to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, business executives, and professional service providers.  Whether you’re just starting out freelancing in your spare time or you have a thriving business and you’re looking to expand, we provide the resources that can help you along in the entrepreneurial journey.

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Training Workshops

Our Online Business Training Workshops can help you develop communication, analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills that you can apply to any job or entrepreneurial career path. With our comprehensive suite of Online Business Training Workshops, you'll start gaining the knowledge and skills you need to achieve entrepreneurial business excellence. We offer online, self-paced video training sessions.

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Training Material

Whether you are a business novice or a well-versed business veteran, our Assessment Tools, eBooks, How to Guidebooks, Interactive Workbooks, and Special Reports make it as simple as possible to refresh your knowledge, gain additional confidence, and provide a clear road map for success.

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Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting Services take place in a variety of operational areas, such as business strategy, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and finance. We provide practical insights and solutions that lead to substantial improvements for your organization as well as, assisting with implementation of recommended solutions. We offer either live online (virtual) sessions or as in-person onsite sessions.

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Train the Trainer

A train the trainer process provides instruction, coaching and feedback to prepare those who deliver training, including full time trainers, subject matter experts, supervisors, and managers, either in a classroom (physical or virtual) or on-the-job setting.

Interactive Assessment tools

Self, Team, Organization Assessments

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Author, Consultant, Mentor, and Trainer

Terry H. Hill

​​I’m Terry H. Hill, a veteran chief executive, ​with ​four, plus decades of work with business owners and executives of privately held companies. I’m ​been instrumental in helping them deal with the challenges they face in each stage of their business life cycle.

​I’m the author of the book, How to Jumpstart Your Business, a practical guide for down-to-earth answers to questions and challenges that every business owner faces. ​In addition, I’m the co-creator and the Chief Mentor/Instructor for​ the BusinessTrainingWorkshops.com suite of small business training ​workshops, and entrepreneurial ​development programs.

​My pure love of “the game of business”, ​my diversified experience, ​as well as, my highly effective communication skills, provide the basis for ​​my successful guidance, mentoring, and ​consulting services to entrepreneurs, business owners, and their employees.

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